Share the places that matter to you.

The Brief

Kojai (Persian for "where are you?") is a photo sharing and chat app developed by Takor Group that takes a creative approach to sharing memories with friends by allowing users to map the locations their favourite moments take place.

The team wanted to relaunch the app, and enlisted my to help completely overhaul the user experience, including a fresh new user interface and updated branding.

Kojai Outdoors

User Journey

Working with the Takor team, I helped develop a simplified user journey for the Kojai signup process and made improvements to the posting and browsing flows.

I created a simple interactive prototype that helped validate findings from our research and identify further improvements as we worked towards the finalised user journey.


The Takor team asked me to create a new brand for Kojai that would help it stand out and convey their focus on fun and simplicity. A custom script word-mark with a short x-height and low-hanging descender that hints at Kojai's Persian roots was selected as the final logo.

Kojai Logo
Kojai Logo Working

App Design

Once we'd finalised the user journey and branding, I created a series of detailed designs for each of the key screens and worked with the team to ensure all required assets were provided, including measurements and sizing of key elements for each screen to guide development.

Kojai Sign Up View
Kojai Map View
Kojai Message View
Kojai Profile View

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