The ASC Project

Perth's connection to the world.

The Brief

The Australia Singapore Cable (ASC) is a 40Tbps capacity, 4,600km submarine cable system owned by Vocus Communications linking Perth, Western Australia, to Singapore. Scheduled for completion in quarter 3 of 2018 it's an ambitious project, and required a bold logo to suit.

I was asked to design a simple, memorable logo that encompassed the essence of the project: a reliable foundation for an optimistic new future for Australia's west coast.

Asc Logo

We explored a number of themes during the development of the new brand, but as one of the simplest solutions offered, the selected logo cuts straight to the point. The word-mark resides under a layer of deep-blue choppy water while the mark is cropped to represent the setting sun as seen from the west coast.

Asc Concepts


I designed and developed a simple website powered by Craft that the ASC team could use to keep investors and supporters up-to-date on the latest news about the project.

To cut down on development time, the site was built using Pier, the same custom front-end Sass framework used for the Vocus Communications website. The difference in design and layout between each website demonstrates Pier's flexibility and ability to be tailored to any project easily.


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