Vocus Group

A new web experience for one of Australia's leading business telcos.

2016 to 2018
Web design, development, graphic design

The Brief

In a span of less than 4 years, Vocus Group had gone from a scrappy startup to the fourth largest telco in Australia — but with such rapid growth, their digital presence was struggling to keep up and the internal marketing team found their reliance on external digital agencies was becoming a major bottle-neck.

I was brought on board to oversee the migration of the Vocus website to a more flexible content management system, help put in place a more nimble and redundant development workflow and work with the team to define a more robust visual language for the Vocus brand.

I designed and helped develop a new homepage that improved visual hierarchy, with a focus on social-proof and solutions-based messaging.

Voc After

The product pages underwent a major restructure to include clearer calls-to-action, more emphasis on key product details, and an easy to comprehend indication of who the product would be best suited to.

Vocus Product

New landing pages were created for each product category that used data from the redesigned product pages to summarise each product, allowing easier comparison.

Vocus Landing
Screen Shot 2018 05 11 at 1 36 16 am

The new website was designed from the start to translate perfectly to the small-screen. I developed a custom front-end framework that would intelligently adapt even the most complex plan-table or feature-list to a comfortable browsing experience on any device.